Imagining teaching as a prestigious profession?

BlogI just read this post and felt a strong sense of connection with the optimism placed on all the questions posed by the author Divya. Education is such a powerful tool and could have such a major impact on the world today if only it were given more importance. This thought may only sound like an idea but could eventually become reality if only there remain amongst us those who will stand against the diluted, agenda-driven systems of education that prevail in most societies today. They may claim our visions don’t fit the context we’re in now and that the bills need to be paid! But isn’t the destruction their compromise has bred, clear today? Education has always been, and will always remain, the answer. Selling and spreading ignorance dressed up as knowledge is bound to destroy us. And it already is.

Thinking Change

The tragedy of MH17 shook me up quite a bit – both as a civilian person who reads about conflict without having to live in it, and also as a Malaysian in Europe. My annual summer route is MH20 which does Paris-Kuala Lumpur. Not that dissimilar to the one from Amsterdam. I’ve collected so many stories, lived my expatriating emotions, nursed my babies, missed my family, lost and found my friends and grown into adulthood on this route.

This tragedy illustrates very poignantly the extent to which we are failing as a whole world. How the passenger list reveals such spectacular human achievements so brutally wiped out by equally human conflict over land and over life. Societal breakdown.

This also illustrates how we need to change something in the way we make our world, our whole world. We need to say and to say again how education is…

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